k707: How to Make Your Direct Mail Order Form More Effective

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Make Your Direct Mail Order Form More Effective

Whether you call it an application form, the model response or a response to this, it's one of the most important components of any direct response mailing.

Form of response is the tool may be used to complete the sale. Even now when you create a new direct mail package, and we do not always give on the order form at the time and attention and respect they deserve.

In many cases, we write copy that give rise to the readers and motivates them to accept our offer only to lose the sale (or inputs) with simple, easy to design flaws in the correct order form.

Here 18 ideas tested and proven that you can use to make your model more profitable response. You may want to use this list as a reference when writing or approval of correspondence to come.

Always include a response form. I do not mean to sound too elementary, but the elimination of the application form is not the way to cut costs.

Write your response before you write this letter. This will force you to summarize the presentation, and a list of the benefits and the outline of a call to action in a concise and easy to understand language, which will help you to write a better message.

Device address in response. Is the best model Acceptance of the application form because the "application" means the rejection possible. Savings figure is even better. One respected consultant direct mail claims that the mere addition of the words "certificate" to the address of the device will increase the response results (for example, accept the certificate or certificate of savings). Whatever title you select, and use them in a message when you issue your call to action. For example, "fill in the certificate of acceptance, I have closed and mail it back to me today in the envelope-free."

Along with the source code, and print the recipient's name and address on the device response. People want to know that their responses will be charged correctly, and you do not want to make the defendant's writing his name and address on the form. This slows things down, and gives the defendant time to reconsider whether the response and virtually guarantees errors custody.

However, if you have a specific need, do not ask for the recipient's phone number or mailing the signing of the acquisition. Again, it slows the response process, and raises questions about how they will use this information. Generally, if you do not have a specific plan to use the information, do not ask for it.

Show name and postal address of your organization on the order form. With this information, can the defendant respond, even in the absence of the return envelope. Form of response, like every other item in the mail, you should be treated as an independent body from which the recipient can complete the system.

Repeat the benefits promised in the letter. Remind the potential customer why he or she is responding.

Showing guarantee. Nothing helps to overcome the reluctance of participants more than a guarantee.

Change your sentence tense when writing a reply. The defendant is now talking to the author of the message.

Repeat the call to action, and the words of the defendant. For example, "I enclose a check for my ..."

I say to the reader who made the choice to pay. There is nothing worse than getting ready to write a check and who do not know who to make it pay. Please note, it's "Make the check payable to ..." Does not "make checks payable to ..." I was a student only for the selection.

To raise funds, and a list of specified amounts is asking for a reply. And when possible, and ask what show these amounts will be completed. (For example, "$ 15 will help the seven children receiving life-saving vaccines.")

At or near the bottom of the form, print the simple instructions to say the defendant what to do with the check ("put the check in an envelope I have enclosed my free e-mail and again today.").

Make sure the form of restitution stand out. It needs to pass a "drop it on the test floor," and can be identified easily from other components of the package. This is a work device, using warm colors.

Test form design. Make sure there is a large area for the reader to complete the form and size of type used at least 10 points, and the largest when the mailing for the elderly.

Does not offer a lot of options as well. This is when you want the prospect to respond, and not to think. When you view options, making it easy for the prospect to make a selection using check off the boxes. Three options of anything enough.

Make sure that your answer fits the return envelope, ideally without folding, but always with no more than once.

If your response includes a heel tear off, use the heel to re-emphasize the benefits and guarantees.

I am a big believer in the test, however, these proposals have been tested and tested by a wide range of clients, and if you do not use them now, and I urge you to integrate them into your next mail.

Something you may want to test, however, is to give customers more options on how to respond, by mail or by phone or via the Internet, as long as you have procedures in place to track the responses of non-mail. Usually, you make it easier for the prospect to respond, and the high rate of response should be.

About the Author:

Hugh Chewning is a specialist and the provision of direct mail copywriting, strategy and consulting for consumer groups, not-for-profit, and between businesses. For more free tips on how to increase your profits direct mail, visit his blog, Insight Direct Mail. Hugh and take advantage of the free, no criticism of the risk package, visit his site on the web, www.cdmdirect.com.

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