k707: How to get rich from suffocation

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to get rich from suffocation

Read anything by Chuck Palahniuk?

He is the man who wrote Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.

Well, anyway ...

Palahniuk also wrote a book called suffocation, which is the story of alien sex addict who gets off on allowing people to "save him" while he fakes choking to death.

Here is how it goes:

A man chooses a new restaurant ...
The man gets on the table, and orders something meaty ...
Ten minutes of eating, a man acting like a suffocation ...
Inevitably someone rushes in to rescue the man ...
He spits whatever was choking on ...
And the person who saved him feel like a hero.

But this is not the end of the story because ...

The main character exploits the person who saved him for the money because he knows and starving people of "good feelings". When someone saves you from death, and they feel like a hero, making it do darn near anything you ask.

There is a strange story?


But Palahniuk is the odd duck.

And a closer look reveals intelligence and marketing.


At any time you make your customers (or prospects) I feel good, you can control. And control is a big part of sales and marketing because it gets people to do things they normally would not.

I would like to buy more.

Buy more often.

Or get their friends to buy.

Now look ...

I do not suggest you deal with anyone. Or control people. Or anything like that.

This has no place in business.

But you should understand the deep emotional feelings of people have such as the need to feel good.

So if you own and operate any type of small business, then here are a few ways that you can give your sales a boost by making the customer feel good:

1. Recognize the customer.

At any time you get a chance to recognize your customer, you should. Singing their praise. Tell them how proud you are that they have a new baby. Or that the child graduated from high school. Or that the dog won best in show. Or whatever. The point is when you do stuff like this, it bonds you to your customers such as superglue.

2. Always honest.

Sometimes, people may use this tip manipulative manner. Was placed on the praise (a person in dire need of them) for control of the person. I do not suggest you do so. In fact, I advise you to always use this marketing tip in a way (and honest) is true.

3. Writing for the customer.

It's one thing to tell your customers you appreciate them. It's something else to write about this subject. How? In a newsletter client. In your business. On your web site. You can (and should) compliment your client in writing of any place you can think of. Because the mark my words, will show their friends. Which is the source of referral for you.

There until you have.

Strange book that contains a powerful psychology that you can use to increase your sales, and get better results from your small business marketing campaigns.

Wesley Murph is the author of "The Black Book Little secrets of small business and Marketing: 10 Proven ways to add new customers, sales and repeated calls to any small business", which includes campaign wrote to the client withdrew response to a whopping 35.7% to the list of iced water. Although Wesley rarely accept new clients, you can get more tips like the one you just read by going to ...


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