k707: Target Your Prospects With Powerful Headlines

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Target Your Prospects With Powerful Headlines

We are all in a hurry these days, do not we? Places to go ... Things to do ... People to see ...

So if you want prospects to read your sales letter, you're the best of them stop in their tracks.

You can do this by hitting them with a strong headline. Share, in the heart! The title of the rich benefits that appeals to their desires and motives.Then ... And only then ... Do you have any hope of removing them from the rest of your sales message.

Said David Ogilvy, the legend of the direct response advertising, this is for headlines:

"The title is the most important element in a advertising ... five times as many people read the headline to read version of the body. So if you were not done some selling in your headline, you are wasting 80% of your client's money." .

Get your address wrong, and you throw 80% of your money down the drain. It's a realistic idea, right?

Fortunately, there are ways you can write a winning titles. But before we reveal them to you, take a look at this classic. See if you can discover what they have in common.

"How to win friends and influence people."

This announcement has sold millions of copies of self-help book.

"They laughed when I sat down to play the piano, but when I started playing."

This advertising is sold thousands of copies of cycle Piano by mail order.

"The announcement of a new cycle and service for the man who wants to be independent in the next 5 years."

This advertising is sold thousands of copies of the business cycle for executives.

Do you spot what these classic ads have in common?

There are four things in a matter of fact - all key to the success of each ad.

They call out to the possibility of the ideal, they share exciting news, and called for self-interest, and it adds a touch of curiosity to the message.

Here are some of the more successful titles:

"People who want to write - but can not start"

"7 secrets to make money in real estate."

"You can laugh at money worries if you follow this simple plan."

"Give me 5 days and I'll give you a personal magnetism ... Let me prove it quickly."

"Which of these vendors 5,00 £ 2.50 to £ best that you want for only LE 1.00 pounds?"

"To play the guitar in 7 days or your money"

See? Each headline does what it says David Ogilvy. It's a reference to the bottom of the prospects for its products, it appeals to self-interest and the promise of news.

Great advice from a man who tested every single word and publishing agency.

Now it's your turn. Write some headlines for your ad next sales letter or web page, and try them out. Test them if you can. In their view, higher response rates!

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